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The Internet has become absolutely necessary in the business environment. Most functions in business software now requires Internet access to operate, or to enable help functions and automatic updates. As a result, even small and home-based businesses are installing high-speed Internet access and networks that provide that access to every employee’s desktop.

With this advance in technology the Internet can lead to a loss in productivity. According to a 2001 study by the Online Publishers Association (OPA), the total at-work Internet audience reached 52.8 million people in the US , and approximately 40 percent of the total admitted to performing non-work- related activities during their usage. In fact, Harris Interactive reported that the average employee spends more than 8.3 hours per week on non-work-related activities. That’s a full day per week! Such abuse cost US corporations $63 Billion in lost productivity in 2001. With the number of employees using the Internet expected to reach almost a billion users by 2005, this problem is expected to increase dramatically.

It is therefore critical that working adults have filtering not only on their home PCs but at the office as well.  Your FilterPak software can be freely installed on up to 3 computers at no additional charge, giving you the peace of mind you need at home, at work, and on the go.