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About Us

FamilyConnect has been providing Internet filtering technologies for  families for over a decade.  Based in Tulsa, Oklahoma and founded on the Christian principles that filtering should be effective for both children and  their parents, FamilyConnect provides one of the most effective  filtering systems for Windows computers.

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FamilyConnect FilterPak runs quietly on your computer, monitoring every attempted site access, and verifying it against our server-side database.  You and your family members can each have a different profile, with any combination of our 23 categories.  Of course, every profile is blocked from pornography and illegal sites.

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Stay Accountable

We recognize that everyone needs accountability.  Our support team understands that men and women struggle, and need extra accountability.  Activate our accountability features, and your partner will receive a daily email of any blocked site attempts.  Log on to our accountability report website from any computer to view history that cannot be erased.

Accountability and Reporting


Fundraising with FamilyConnect provides a valuable service to your community, and is a fun and profitable way to raise money for churches, charities, or even businesses.  Our affiliate program offers true residual income, including a percent of sales if your referral becomes an affiliate as well.  Sign up today and refer a friend in minutes!

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